Which plug adapter do I need for using a hair dryer in Gabon?

Gabonese power outlet

Will my blowdryer work in Gabon?

First check that your hair dryer can handle the voltage in Gabon:

If not then:

  • Use a power converter (or voltage transformer) - this enables you to use your existing hair dryer and other applicances with a 220 volt Gabonese power outlet, however this is significantly heavier and more expensive than a dedicated travel hair dryer. A power converter will change the voltage but not the actual shape of the plug on your hair dryer to fit in the power outlet used in Gabon, therefore check that the voltage transformer includes a power adapter for Gabon otherwise you will need to bring another power adapter. Be aware that your own domestic hair dryer might not be suitable for travelling and you could risk potential damage in your suitcase. [5] [AD]
Warning: If your hair dryer won't handle 220 volts you run a risk of damage to your hair dryer, an electrical fire hazard or blowing a fuse. Prior to using your hair dryer in Gabon read the instruction manual to ensure safe operation.

Using a hair dryer in Gabon

Will my hair dryer work in Gabon?

This will depend on if your hair dryer can operate using the 220 volt power outlets in Gabon:

Best travel hair dryers for Gabon

Choosing the best blow dryer for Gabon

Travel hair dryer with a folding handle

Choosing the best blow dryer for Gabon

When choosing the best hair dryer look for a robust but lightweight dual voltage model which will work with a 220 volt Gabonese power outlet power outlet with a folding handle, long power cable and ALCI safety plug. When drying thick hair look for a model with a diffuser that has a faster 1600+ watt dryer.

The top 9 things to look for when purchasing a new travel hair dryer

  1. The cool shot option on a modern hair dryer will rapidly cool hair down after drying to hold a style but this option is missing in more compact dryers.
  2. To operate in Gabon the hair dryer needs to be dual voltage.
  3. Buying the cheapest dryer is risky, as well as concerns with safety there is also a greater chance that the dryer could fail during your trip abroad due to cheaper parts.
  4. Try to look for a lightweight travel dryer which is durable enough to survive being transported in baggage, models with a handle which folds mean more space.
  5. Safe travel hair dryers will include an 'ALCI' safety plug which minimises the danger of overloading the motor leading to starting electrical fires; you can idenfity these models with reset and test buttons on the plug.
  6. The best travel hair dryers for styling will allow you to control both temperature and speed with 2 options; hotter faster speeds can quickly dry thicker hair whereas lower temperatures with slower speeds reduce damage to hair.
  7. Thicker hair could require a travel blow dryer with a more powerful motor - a higher wattage ceramic model which has a diffuser will dry hair faster, thereby preventing damage.
  8. Some hotel rooms in Gabon might have a wall mirror installed away from a convenient outlet making it cumbersome to use the travel dryer, so when buying a blow dryer find the model with the longest power cord available.
  9. It could be cheaper and more convenient to buy a new hair dryer which is supplied with both a diffuser and concentrator from the manufacturer rather than scouring stores looking for expensive 3rd party attachments.
Which is a good dual voltage hair dryer with diffuser for Gabon?

Hot Tools 1044 Ionic Travel Dryer

Which is a good dual voltage hair dryer with diffuser for Gabon?

  • The X5 Superlite Ceramic Ionic has a 1600 watt motor with a 1.65 metre power cable, it includes a tourmaline diffuser however is missing a cool shot button.
  • A Hot Tools 1044 Ionic Travel Dryer includes a long 1.82m electric power cord for greater flexibility when styling with an ALCI power plug and removable filter to clean. With a powerful 1875 watt motor it also has a cool shot button making it perfect for drying thicker hair.

Each ionic travel hair dryer includes both concentrator and diffuser with strong motors to make them the most suitable hair dryers for thick hair. They are both lightweight and will fold up to fit into carry-on baggage and will only require a power adapter for Gabon to work with a Gabonese power outlet.  [6] [6] [7] [AD]

Which is the best mini folding dual voltage travel hair dryer?

The BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium with folding handle

Which is the best mini folding dual voltage travel hair dryer?

  • For quickly drying thin or fine hair whilst on the go the 1200 watt ceramic Conair MiniPRO is the most cost effective small ionic blowdryer available on the market.
  • For a dryer which is compact enough to transport in a handbag then a 10.5oz BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium is recommend. Featuring a removable filter and tourmaline outlet that can emit infrared heat to protect against heat damage this dryer manages to include features which are normally found with bulkier models.

Both are dual voltage mini hair dryers when used with a suitable power adapter for a Gabonese power outlet they will work in Gabon and fold conveniently making them small enough to be carried around all day for drying on the go. They are two speed, have a 1.5m electric power cable and include a concentrator.  [8] [8] [9] [AD]

Which is a good blow dryer for thick hair?

Thicker hair can take much longer to dry and can be hard to dry without hair going frizzy, so the best option is an ionic dryer and for curly thick hair we suggest a diffuser as both are able to dry and manage hair smoothly without frizz. Both the X5 Superlite Ceramic Ionic or a Hot Tools 1044 Ionic Travel Dryer are recommended because of their powerful motors, ionic outlets and included diffusers, avoid buying a hair dryer with a motor which is less powerful than 1600 watts as this won't be strong enough.  [6] [7] [AD]

Which is a good compact dual voltage travel hair dryer with cool shot?

Berta Folding Hair Dryer

Which is a good compact dual voltage travel hair dryer with cool shot?

  • The Conair Compact Styler has a powerful twin speed 1875 watt motor, removable filter and features cool shot that can will quickly cool hair down to give a longer lasting hold.
  • The Berta Folding Hair Dryer also features a cool shot button, uses a ceramic tourmaline air outlet for negative ions resulting in faster drying, twin heat settings, a longer 1.8 metre power cord and includes a concentrator.

Each model folds, includes an ALCI safety plug which prevents power overloads and support dual voltage making both perfect for visiting Gabon in carry on luggage when plugged into a power adapter for a Gabonese power outlet.  [10] [10] [11] [AD]

Best travel hair dryers for 2020

What is the best travel hair dryer to buy in 2020?

Budget mini ionic hair dryer with 1200 watt 2 speed motor and bundled concentrator attachment
Hot Tools
Class Mini Compact Compact with diffuser
Works in Gabon Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Works in US Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dual voltage Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Watts 1200 1000 1875 1875 1600 1875
Folds Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ceramic Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ionic Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tourmaline Yes Yes Yes
Infrared Yes
Speed settings 2 2 2 2 2 2
Heat settings 1 1 1 2 1 1
Cool shot Yes Yes Yes
Removable filter Yes Yes
Concentrator Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Diffuser Yes Yes
ALCI safety plug Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cord length 1.52m 1.52m 1.52m 1.8m 1.65m 1.82m
Estimated price around C$45 under C$160 around C$50 under C$30 around C$80 around C$50
Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy

Original testing and suitability of hair dryer models was compiled 2017, subsequent updates and price checks performed monthly - last updated April 2019.

Gabon power outlets and plug sockets

What electrical frequency is used with a Gabonese power outlet?

The frequency from a Gabonese power outlet is 50 Hz. [12]

What is the mains voltage in Gabon?

The standard residential voltage used in Gabon is 220 volts.

Which plug adapter do you need to use a hair dryer in Gabon?

The type of power outlet used in Gabon is type C. You can identify this wall outlet by 2 round holes next to each other for live and neutral pins. A suitable plug adapter to bring to use a 220 volt hair dryer in Gabon is a Type C power adapter - read the step by step guide below for full details of how to use a hair dryer in Gabon using a power adapter. Be aware that unless you that have a dual voltage hair dryer you will need to check if you also have to bring a voltage converter.  [4] [13] [AD]

Which plug adapter do you need to use a hair dryer in Gabon?

Dual voltage hair dryers

How can you tell if your hair dryer is dual voltage?

Single voltage hair dryer

How can you tell if your hair dryer is dual voltage?

An easy way how to tell if your hair dryer can support a dual voltage outlet is to look for either a sticker or numbers printed on the handle, base or the plug of your hair dryer. This location might depend on the make and model of your hair dryer and could also state in the instruction manual. Some dual voltage models might change automatically, however other hair dryer models will have a button which allows you to toggle between different voltages depending on which country you are visiting.

  • A specific number such as 110V indicates a single voltage hair dryer. If this number matches the 220 volts used in Gabon then you should be able to use your hair dryer with a Gabonese power outlet.
  • A small voltage range with a dash such as 100-120V also indicates a single voltage hair dryer which can accomodate small voltage fluctuations. If the 220 volts used in a Gabonese power outlet falls within the range shown on your hair dryer then you should be able to use it in Gabon.
  • A larger range separated with a slash such as 100/240V indicates a dual voltage hair dryer capable of being used in Gabon or any other country.

How do you switch a dual voltage hair dryer?

  1. Most dual voltage hair dryers have either a dial or switch which selects between 2 types of voltages although some models are capable of automatically detecting the voltage used in Gabon.
  2. The switch or dial will normally require either a small screwdriver or coin to change the dryer to the right voltage between a 220v-240v range or a 110v-120v range.
  3. Also it is worth noting down the 2 switch positions because the painted numbers can occasionally rub off on certain models.

How can you use your dual voltage blow dryer in Gabon?

  1. Check that you are have a dual voltage hair dryer and it will work with a 220 volt power socket.
  2. If the dryer is dual voltage then make sure it is switched to work in the 220-240v range. The switch is usually found on the handle or base of the hair dryer and requires a coin or screwdriver to switch.
  3. Plug your hair dryer into the power adapter for Gabon and also plug in the power adapter into the Gabonese power outlet.
  4. It is normal for most dual voltage hair dryer models operating in the 220-240 volt range to only work safely on a low setting, however the temperature and speed should still be sufficient enough for drying hair. Always check the hair dryer instructions to find out if this rule is relevant for your model of dryer to stop overheating.
  5. Your dryer is now ready to operate in Gabon.

Travelling to Gabon with a hair dryer

Can hair dryers go in your carry on to Gabon?

Folding travel hair dryer with cord wrapped for carry on

Can hair dryers go in your carry on to Gabon?

According to the TSA guidelines for hair dryers there are no restrictions when carrying a mains powered blow dryer in your carry on luggage through airport security in the United States. The TSA also recommends that you should verify that the airline who is flying you to Gabon will allow hair dryers onboard and that it will fit in the overhead bin or underneath the seat of the airplane. Packing the hair dryer in a dedicated heat resistant protective travel hair dryer case leaves it easily accessible by airport security checks, it can be packed away quickly avoiding a tangle of cables in your carry on luggage (the TSA suggests wrapping wires tightly around electronic items). If you do intend to bring fragile or expensive blow dryers in your hand held luggage then it is advisable to use hard carry on luggage as this provides the most protection against bumps and knocks during your journey.   [14] [15] [16] [AD]

Is it safe to bring my domestic blow dryer to Gabon?

Bringing a dual voltage travel hair dryer is preferable to bringing an existing blow dryer to Gabon (typically marked with 'For domestic use only') as it is safer to assume that it will work with the 220 volt power outlets used with a Gabonese power outlet (provided that you bring the correct plug adapter for Gabon). Travel hair dryers normally feature a collapsing handle and are lighter which will help in reducing the size and weight in luggage compared to packing a domestic blow dryer.

Please note that packing your expensive domestic hair dryer might put it at risk due to potential damage or loss in transit by an airport baggage handler. The inconvenience and costs of replacing or repairing an expensive specialised blow dryer in Gabon could overshadow the costs of buying a much cheaper dual voltage travel hair dryer [2] with a suitable travel hair dryer case beforehand .  [15] [AD]

Are there hair dryers in hotel rooms in Gabon?

Hair dryer attached to hotel desk

Are there hair dryers in hotel rooms in Gabon?

It will all depend on the individual hotel or bed and breakfast and the class of the accommodation. Hair dryers in hotel rooms are normally found in the bathroom, these could be a slower air hose variety, or might be located in a bedroom cupboard, drawer or wardrobe. When staying in budget motels, hotels and hostels a communal hair dryer might be offered at reception, however that might involve waiting in turn for other guests. If in doubt about the hotel hairdryer policy then either call ahead to your hotel in Gabon or check on the hotel web site to find out if a suitable hairdryer available to guests. Hair dryers in hotels are adequate but normally rudimentary models lacking a diffuser and notorious for slower air speeds and low heat. For those concerned with hygiene might want to check for any burnt hair cuticles from previous guests on a communal hair dryer as room service might not have removed it when cleaning the room.

Guests who don't want to take a chance that a suitable or germ-free hair dryer is available should put their mind at rest by bringing their own Dual voltage travel hair dryer.  [17] [AD]

Power converters for Gabon

Do I need a converter to use a hair dryer in Gabon?

A power converter (or voltage transformer) allows your hair dryer using a different voltage to operate using a 220 volt power outlet used in Gabon. A power converter is more suited for travellers who want to use their own domestic hair dryer, but it might be considerably cheaper to purchase a dedicated dual voltage travel hair dryer [2] than it will be to purchase a power converter. A power converter is substantially bulkier and heavier than a travel hair dryer making a power converter less suited for packing in luggage compared to a travel hair dryer. [5] [AD]

What is the difference between a power adapter and a power converter?

Voltage converter

What is the difference between a power adapter and a power converter?

A cheap, small and lightweight power adapter (or plug adapter) will change the shape of the plug on your hair dryer to slot into a power outlet in Gabon, whereas a heavy and bulkier power converter transforms a 220 volt Gabonese power outlet to work with a non-220 volt hair dryer. [5] [AD]

How to use a hair dryer in Gabon using a type C power adapter

How to use your hair dryer in Gabon with a Type C power adapter.

  1. Please make sure that the blow dryer is either a dual voltage travel hair dryer [2] or works with a 220 volt power supply but if not then don't proceed because you may damage your hair dryer, blow a fuse or create an electrical fire hazard. Before using a travel hair dryer which can toggle between different voltages ensure the switch is set to the 220 volt setting - please consult the owners manual to find out how to do this.
  2. You will need to bring a Type C plug adapter [4] if the type of plug on your hair dryer isn't the same shape as the plug outlet used in Gabon. This Type C plug adapter will help adapt different plugs from other countries for a power outlet used in Gabon simply by changing the shape of the plug, however the adapter doesn't change the voltage of the hair dryer to work with a 220 volt supply.
  3. Begin by inserting the Type C plug adapter in the Gabonese power outlet. This unearthed power supply (called a Europlug or Type C power outlet [3]) is recognised by the two round adjacent holes where the pins sit.
  4. Then plug in the hair dryer into the Type C plug adapter.
  5. Turn on the Gabonese power outlet. The hair dryer can now be used in Gabon.
How to use a hair dryer in Gabon using a type C power adapter

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