Charging your iPhone 6 from a power outlet in Denmark

Using the Apple USB Lightning connector with a two pin Type K power adapter to recharge your iPhone 6 with a Danish power outlet.

Danish power outlet

When planning a vacation to Denmark it can be helpful to know in advance if you can use any common electrical devices when you get to your destination. However by not knowing which wall socket is being used you are likely to bring the wrong power charger, meaning needing to buy or borrow a suitable adaptor when you need to recharge. Various combinations of standards and plugs can all be daunting when planning on travelling to another country if you've never been there before. However this isn't as complex as it appears, with only a handful of different types of common standards being used in the world this guide tells you exactly what you'll need to buy in advance to charge the iPhone 6 in Denmark. This guide has been written to prevent travellers worrying if they'll be able to charge their iPhone 6 abroad.This page has useful instructions telling you how to power your iPhone 6 when travelling to Denmark by using their standard Type K 230 volt 50Hz wall outlets, a majority of Danes will use the Type K plugs in their wall outlets. When travelling to Denmark from a different country please check that your iPhone 6 can be charged using a 240v supply. If the iPhone 6 was purchased in a country which uses a lower voltage such as 110 volts check the iPhone 6 is dual-voltage (marked with a 100-240 volt notation) else you may need to use an additional power transformer to prevent the device from overheating during charging. If you intend to stay in a Danish place such as Copenhagen refer to the Danish Wikipedia page [1] for more indepth information. These instructions assume that you have installed Apple iOS 7 or greater on the iPhone 6.

Charging the iPhone 6 in Denmark

Can you use the iPhone 6 in Denmark?

You can use the iPhone 6 in Denmark.

What is the best travel charger for recharging the iPhone 6 in Denmark?

The best power adapter for Denmark will be a Type K USB charger which allows you to use your iPhone 6. [4] [AD]

What is the best travel charger for recharging the iPhone 6 in Denmark?

How to use a Type K power charger for charging your iPhone 6 from a Danish power outlet

A step by step guide showing how to power the iPhone 6 from a Danish power outlet using the USB Lightning Apple cable with a Type K USB adapter.

  1. To charge the iPhone 6 from the Danish power outlet you will need to use a Type K USB power plug adapter [4] and a USB to Apple Lightning cable [5] - this USB cable is typically supplied with your iPhone 6 by Apple.
  2. Start by plugging the Type K USB power plug adapter into the Danish power outlet. You can identify the power supply by the three large holes in a triangle shape for the live, neutral and ground pins.
  3. Connect one end of the Apple Lightning cable into the mains power adapter and the other end into the Lightning connector on the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 Lightning connector can be found at bottom of your iPhone 6 under the home button.
  4. Switch on the Danish power outlet.
  5. The battery icon which appears in the top right corner of your iPhone 6 screen will display a charging icon to indicate that the iPhone is powering up and takes around 60 to 240 minutes to fully recharge. [AD]
How to use a Type K power charger for charging your iPhone 6 from a Danish power outlet

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  4. Type K USB power plug adapter - There are three pins on a Type K USB charger comprising of two large rounded pins and a bottom semi-circular grounding pin.
  5. USB to Apple Lightning cable - The Apple Lightning cable is a charging and syncing cable for more recent Apple devices and connects compatible iPhones and iPads to a USB port.