Charging the Jabra Solemate from a power outlet in Solomon Islands

Using Type B Micro USB cable with a three pinned Type G power adapter to recharge your Jabra Solemate with a Solomon Islands power outlet.

Solomon Islands power outlet

Different standards and sockets can often lead to confusion when planning to visit another country if you've never been there before. These instructions have been specifically written to stop you having to worry if you'll be able to charge your Jabra Solemate abroad.If you are visiting Solomon Islands the following instructions show how to power your Jabra Solemate by using their types G or I 220 volt 50Hz plug outlets. Most power changes depending on which country you are in so please read the power supplies and Oceania page for a full list of regions and countries. If you are visiting Solomon Islands from another country please check the Jabra Solemate can accept a 240v supply. If it was purchased in a country which uses a lower voltage such as 110 volts check that your Jabra Solemate is dual-voltage (marked with 100-240 volts) otherwise you may need to use an additional converter to avoid the device from being damaged when charging it.

Ensure you have download version 1.34 or greater of the latest Jabra Solemate firmware from the official Jabra Solemate support site [2]. After you have set up the speaker you can turn off the default 'Solemate is connected' announcements by holding down the Volume down button when turning on the Jabra Solemate until you hear 'Sound prompts off'.

Charging the Jabra Solemate in Solomon Islands

Can the Jabra Solemate be used in Solomon Islands?

Yes, you can connect the Jabra Solemate to a Solomon Islands power outlet by using a power adaptor.

What is the best travel charger for recharging the Jabra Solemate in Solomon Islands?

If travelling with more than just your Jabra Solemate and visiting more than one country the best travel charger for Solomon Islands to buy is a multiple USB port charger which includes compatible plugs such as a 4 port USB travel charger. Solomon Islanders use two different standards of wall outlets (types G and I) and bringing this will ensure that you are covered for type G. As these chargers are supplied with interchangeable plugs and handle 100 volts - 240 volts will mean you can travel to multiple countries in Europe, Asia, North America and Africa simply by switching the supplied plugs over. If your Jabra Solemate supports Fast Charge then you'll benefit from much faster charging times by using one of these types of travel chargers along with support for more power demanding devices.

Unlike other chargers having a 4 port charger will allow you to recharge multiple devices at the same time without needing to buy seperate travel adapters or occupying additional wall sockets. Only bringing a single lightweight USB travel charger will help keep the size and weight down, making it perfect to fold up and store in hand baggage whilst travelling as well as being convenient for recharging your Jabra Solemate at an airport or on the flight. Because of their versatility these types of travel adapters can be used at home so when you’re not travelling they can be used under your bedside table charging multiple tablets, phones and e-readers without needing an additional plug socket.

If you travel to Solomon Islands we recommend buying a versatile travel charger of this nature online. The multipurpose power charger illustrated below is the 4 Port USB Wall Charger which has been successfully tested with multiple USB devices in numerous different countries around the world with perfect reliably.

Alternative travel adapter for Solomon Islands

The 4 port USB travel charger is the most compact option for travellers from any country wanting to recharge devices using USB, however for those also wanting to use their domestic plugs the following power converters provide larger but more versatile solutions. All three power adapters offer surge protection which can be crucial when visiting regions with unstable power supplies to prevent damage to any connected devices. These travel converters come with interchangeable type C, I and G plugs covering both Solomon Islands and over 150 destinations:

  • BESTEK Portable International Travel Voltage Converter - The BESTEK travel converter has 4 USB charging ports with 3 AC power outlets and is the most popular portable option for travellers originating from America going to Solomon Islands using type B US plug sockets.
  • ORICO Traveling Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip - Also having 4 USB ports but only 2 AC power outlets the Orico travel adapter is also aimed at travellers from the US using type B plugs and is a much more cost effective alternative to the BESTEK with just one less AC outlet for almost half the price.
  • BESTEK International USB Travel Power Strip - This power strip has just 2 AC outlets but offers 5 USB charging ports. This versatile power strip is compatible with both American plugs and popular plug types A, D,E/F, G, H, I, L and N making it ideal for most travellers from around the world visiting Solomon Islands. [6] [AD]
What is the best travel charger for recharging the Jabra Solemate in Solomon Islands?

Charging the Jabra Solemate from a Solomon Islands power outlet by using a 3 pinned Type G USB adapter

A guide showing how to recharge the Jabra Solemate from a Solomon Islands power outlet by using Micro USB type B connector and a Type G USB charger.

  1. To charge your Jabra Solemate using the Solomon Islands power outlet you will need a Type G USB power adapter [4] and a USB 2.0 A Male to Micro B cable [5].
  2. Start by plugging the Type G USB power adapter in the Solomon Islands power outlet. You can recognise this wall outlet by three holes with shutters in a triangular pattern for live, neutral and ground pins.
  3. Plug in one end of the Type B Micro USB cable into the USB mains charger and the other end into the USB charging port on the Jabra Solemate. The USB charging port can be located on the right of the speaker below the line in port.
  4. Turn on the Solomon Islands power outlet.
  5. The battery indicator on the Jabra Solemate will glow red when low, yellow when half full and green when fully charged. Typically the battery will take 2.5 hours to completely charge although this may take longer if you use the Jabra Solemate whilst charging. [AD]
Charging the Jabra Solemate from a Solomon Islands power outlet by using a 3 pinned Type G USB adapter

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